Our Process

Our recipe for success


Once contacted, a member of our team will visit the site to assess its suitability for development. If the initial checks are satisfied and the site deemed viable, we will prepare a report and consult our relevant planning experts for the area to determine the most efficient and viable scheme deliverable.

At this point we will ask for a temporary exclusivity contract to be signed (typically 8 weeks) to protect our initial time and financial investment into appraising the site in order to make you an offer.

We will then appraise the sites value based on the GDV of the proposed scheme, its value to a developer after achieving planning and its current value as it stands. These figures will be used to make a preliminary offer guaranteed to be higher than if you were to sell the land as is.

Once an agreeable price has been reached we will commit this into a Heads of Terms document, outlining the specifics of the deal for both parties to confirm before passing this onto solicitors to draw up an option contract.

This is where we take legal control of the land for a fixed period of time (typically 18 – 36 months depending on the size and complexity of the scheme) during which we will manage and fund the entirety of the design and application.

We will also cover all your legal expenses associated with this and in cases of premium land can offer a modest, non-refundable deposit on day-one to reassert our commitment to the project.


Our expert team of planners will get to work designing and submitting an application for planning permission. We will manage the entire process using a team of specialist planning consultants and architects put together specifically for the type of scheme and area in which we are applying.

Our knowledge of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the relevant Local Plans and our unparalleled relationship with Local Planning Authorities across the region enables us to ensure the highest chance of submitting a successful application.

Once a successful application has been granted we will then get to work marketing the land to be sold to a developer to take on the build. Due to our extensive contacts in this sector, this will often be agreed in principle beforehand and can be sold direct to developers without the need to go to market, streamlining the process for all parties involved and getting you paid sooner. If we believe a better price can be achieved at market we will advertise with our selected agents.

Once the sale is completed, our solicitor will send the agreed amount directly to you, ensuring a smooth and timely transaction.


To summarise

We cover all your legal expenses and finance the planning process ourselves

More than 60 years in the industry working with landowners and developers

Our team of experts fully manage the process from start to finish

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